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Youth Groups

Shabbos Groups
At BJSZ, we are happy to provide babysitting and supervised playgroups for children 6 months old to 10 years old, at no additional cost. Every Shabbos morning, parents may drop off their children for supervised groups, beginning at 10:00 am until Ein Kelokeinu (approx. 11:30 am). We provide a nurturing and caring Jewish environment for children, while simultaneously providing our group leaders with the opportunity to develop their leadership skills.

Our younger groups have supervised play, while the older children enjoy learning about the weekly parsha, davening, hearing stories and playing games. Shabbos snacks and drinks are provided for all.

To sponsor of our weekly youth refreshments to celebrate your child's birthday or other special event ($18), please contact the office at 410-764-6810 or email us.

Boys Teen Minyan
Every Shabbos morning at 9:15 AM, our Teen Minyan meets in the main Bais Medrash. Under the direction of our teen coordinator, Avi Yudkowsky, our young men are encouraged to lead the davening. As a result of the minyan, the boys confidence in their davening skills, as well as their proficiency at Torah reading, are strengthened.

To sponsor the youth minyan cholent to celebrate a special event ($36), contact the office at 410-764-6810 or email us.

Boys Pre-Teen Minyan
Every Shabbos morning our  pre-teen boys minyan meets in the small Bais Hamedrash. Under the direction of Rabbi Daniel Skurnik, the boys learn, daven and have supervised activities.

Teen Girls Program
Our teen girls and their volunteer coordinator, Rina Walter, plan fun filled activities and interesting trips throughout the year. Some of the events held this year included a BBQ, Hiking trip, and sleepover at a camp site. We encourage all girls to get involved and be part of these great social and fun events. 

Contact the office at 410-764-6810 or email the office for more information!

Other Special Events for Children
During the year, BJSZ plans special events for our children.

For more information on these yearly events, check the shul calendar on our website or contact the office at 410-764-6810.

Click here to sponsor an event or make a donation.


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