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BJSZ Torah Partnership Charity Donation

The BJSZ Torah Partnership comes together as a community and makes an ongoing statement of support for Limud HaTorah here in Baltimore and in Israel.

We have partnered with our local schools to support the mechanchim, teachers, and administrators that join together with our hard working families in order to provide a Torah Chinuch to our all of our children in our community and we have partnered as well with the venerated  Kollel L’Dayanim in Israel that has made its mission to train the future Dayanim that will lead the vital effort to uphold emes, tzadakah, and din amongst people everywhere.

Please consider joining this campaign and follow these easy steps.

Enter the TOTAL amount of your donation.

*If you are setting up monthly recurring contributions, enter the sum of monthly donations for a specific time period. (12 months @$20 =Total donation $240). That amount will be divided into 12 payments and your credit card will be charged each month.

You can stop the recurring monthly donations by contacting the shul office.

Sat, January 23 2021 10 Shevat 5781